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Digimon Level

Digimon level is start from 1 and up to level 99. It is devide to Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, Mega, and Burst Mode. Basicly level 1-10 is Rookie, level 11-20 is Champion, level 21-40 is Ultimate, level 41-65 is Mega, and level 65(71 for partner digimon) is Burst Mode. But some is digimon start from Champion Class at level 1. And there is some digimon that did not have Burst Mode now, maybe will be released someday. Look at this table :
Level Digimon Class
1 - 10 Rookie
  didn't cost tamer soul
11 - 20 Champion
  cost 4 tamer soul persecond
21 - 40 Ultimate, need 3 evoluters to unlock
  cost 8 tamer soul persecond
41 - 64 Mega, need 6-8 evoluters to unlock
  cost 11 tamer soul persecond
65 ++ Burst Mode, need bm item and 0-2 evoluters
  cost 40 tamer soul persecond

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