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Wednesday, 27th March 2013
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Dorumon is very cute digimon here, and many tamer love Dorumon. On digimonmasters dorumon has three line evolution. They are Dorugamon Line, DexDorugamon, and Raptordramon. DexDorugamon is virus type from Dorugamon. But Raptordramon is little different, it has more attack speed and has Jogress Evolution with Owryumon.

I think each type is very cool form on Mega. Dorugoramon, DexDorugoramon, and Aplhamon is very cool. I love them very much. Hatch 4/5 egg of them for better status. If you are feel lucky you can hatch to 5/5 Egg it was great. But from three of them i prefer choose DexDorugoramon. It was very very cool. You must have it as your digimon #recommended. But if you want high damage, choose Alphamon and Owryumon. SO you can jogress them to Alphamon Owryuken Mode.

Dorumon Evolution Line

Dorumon -> Dorugamon -> Dorugreymon -> Dorugoramon
Dorumon -> DexDorugamon -> DexDorugreymon -> DexDorugoramon
Dorumon -> Raptordramon -> Grademon -> Alphamon -> Alphamon Ouryuken (Jogress)

Dorugoramon Attack

F1 damage : 701 damage, 132 Ds, 5 cooldown
F2 damage : 1749 damage, 225 Ds, 6 cooldown

DexDorugoramon Attack

F1 damage : 1160 damage, 174 Ds, 5 cooldown
F2 damage : 2482 damage, 318 Ds, 10 cooldown

Alphamon Attack

F1 damage : 1385 damage, 246 Ds, 4 cooldown
F2 damage : 2969 damage, 336 Ds, 9 cooldown



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