File Island - Infinite Mountain

Saturday, 6th July 2013
File Island - Infinite Mountain Images
After review about file-island water front, now i go ahead to the next field map, Infinite Mountain. Digimon on Infinite Mountain is stronger than before. You must go with your best digimon here. This is the best place to hunt for level 85++ i think.

Too many Virus Attribute digimon here. I think it is the best place for Vaccine Digimon for leveling. Vaccine Attibute is stronger to Virus Attribute.

Vaccine Attribute

(Forest Destroyer)Giromon level 86
(mark of Legend)Mammothmon level 88

Data Attribute

(Predator of Fruit) Palmon level 85
(Star Chaser) WIzardmon level 87
(Protect FIrefly) Lillymon level 86

Virus Attribute

(Rotten Tree) Cherrymon level 87
(Disrupter)Warumonzaemon level 86
(Royal)QueenChessmon level 89
(Ruler of Lonely Place)Mushroomon level 86
(Guard of QueenBee)Waspmon level 88
(GrayKeeper)Soulmon level 85
(Spoiled Spider)Dokugumon level 85
(Disgusting Smell)RedVegiemon level 88

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