File Island - Silver Lake

Saturday, 1st June 2013
File Island - Silver Lake Images
Last Night i was try go to File Island to continue my adventure. How to reach File Island? You can go to File Island from DATS Terminal for 20m. File Island is new map on EDMO that released on May 2013. New Map and New Adventure ^^

Leave for File Island Village and head to Silver Lake. There are many favourite digimon for hunt because has No Attribute. Vac, Data, and Virus Attribute is strong to No-Data. So you will go more damage and receive less damage from monster with No-Data Attribute. Very usefull for leveling.

Here list digimon on Silver Lake area. I hope it will usefull for you guys :D

No Data Attribute

DemiMeramon (Leader) level 53
Upamon level 44
Koromon level 44
Tanemon level 44

Vaccine Attribute

(Vaccine)Tentomon level 50
Patamon level 46
Birdramon level 49
Leader Sabirdramon level 50

Data Attribute

Seadramon level 47
Lillymon level 52
(Data)Kiwimon level 50
Palmon level 45
(Leader) Elevmon level 47
Candlemon level 53
Gotsumon level 54

Virus Attribute

(Virus)Red Vegiemon level 50
(Despotism of Highest Hill)Kuwagamon level 50
Kuwagamon level 55
(Leader) Cherrymon level 55
(Leader) Rockmon level 55
Woodmon level 54
(Leader)Dokunemon 46
Mushroomon level 48
Kunemon level 45
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