File Island - Water Front

Saturday, 6th July 2013
File Island - Water Front Images
My Next adventure on File Island is Water Front area. It was beautifull area with beach and shore view :D You can see Big Whalemon on the beach. A lot stronger wild digimon here, so you must becarefull. But the best part is you can see Warehouse NPC, Scanning NPC, Item Shop NPC in every spot.

Vaccine Attribute

Judomon level 75
Crowmon level 83
Rapidmon level 77
(Leader) Cyberdramon level 87
(Forest Destroyer) Giromon level 89
(Dismantler) Giromon level 81

Data Attribute

MegaSeadramon level 79
Lillymon level 85
Monochromon level 85
(Leader) Sliphymon level 75
PileVolcamon level 89

Virus Attribute

SkullSatamon level 87
CannonBeemon level 83
Archnemon level 79
(Leader)Waspmon level 83
LadyDevimon level 85
NeoDevimon level 87
(Leader)Arkadimon Perfect level 77
(Leader)QueenChessmon level 85
Cherubimon level 87
Argomon Ultimate level 89
GrandKuwagamon level 89



14th October 2013


for some reason i cant get quest to talk to tentonmon in waterfront.....i know babamon gives you the quest after completing all the quest in historic and getting to lvl 73 digi or something... im tamer 56...digi is 73... and still cant get her to give me quest to go to tentomon...any clues


20th October 2013


At what Tamer level do you stop getting Exp from Waterfront Quests


28th December 2013


I just got to file island water front I am lvl 46 tamer lvl 66 patamon how do I get the main quests in the water front
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